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Sixth Annual Investement Opportunities in

Iran's Mines & Mining Industries Exhibition

Tehran - Iran
Imam Khomeini Mosalla - Shabestan
OCTOBER 10 - 12 , 2017
-134 days left to hold
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Annual Mines and Mining Industries Exhibition & Conference Report

The Largest Exhibition for Introduction of the Capabilities and the Investment Opportunities in Mine and Mining Industries of Iran

The 5th Annual Investment Opportunities in Iran’s Mines& Mining Industries Exhibition (MINEX2016)

Date: October 1-3, 2016

Location: Shabestan – Imam Khomeini Mosalla, Tehran, Iran

Organizer: Arka Hamayesh Pars Exhibition Co. (Expo Pars)

With the cooperation of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and renovation Organization (IMIDRO), Geological Survey & Mineral Explorations of Iran (GSI)
With the support of Iran Stone Association, The Foundry Association of Iran, Iranian Tunneling Association, Iron and Steel Society of Iran, Iranian Geophysical Society, Molybdenum Producers and Exporters Association, Iranian Metallurgy Engineers Association, Iran Ferroalloys Association, Association of Iranian Heavy Machinery for Construction, Mining and Roads, Iranian Producers & Exporters of Mineral Products Association

The exhibition was opened with the presence of top officials and senior managers in the related sectors, Ambassadors and the mining activists on 10am October 1st of 2016.

The introduction of mining potentials of different parts of Iran and inviting the Ambassadors of some of the countries for introduction of and attracting the investments in this field was one of the main plans of The 5th Annual Investment Opportunities in Iran’s Mines& Mining Industries Exhibition. Some business, commercial and investment delegates from different countries opened business negotiations with producers, merchants, businessmen and industrialists of Iran while visiting the exhibition.

The 5th Annual Investment Opportunities in Iran’s Mines& Mining Industries Exhibition (MINEX2016) was organized with the presence of 140 domestic and 40 international exhibitors in an area of 12000 square meters of indoor space & 2000 square meters of outdoor space. The wide presence of international companies in different fields of mine & mining industries from countries such as Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Chile, China, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, Australia and also the attendance of individuals, professionals and the representatives of international companies and business delegates has had a significant growth compared to last year. The 7000 visitorsconsisting of both domestic and international visitors within the 3 day of the exhibition is one of the important matters to point out.

The special feature of the exhibition was the presence of the active private sector in the mine and mining industries field which by directing the domestic and international investments, the opportunity for improvement was provided.

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